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In order of appearance.

A reluctant instrument of assassination, L'Odium is held in captive employ by the Cleric of Incubelli. As one of the rare elven Fu'ann L'ayetari, L'Odium is immune to magic, which makes him especially effective as he is charged with hunting down the rogue magicians of Saitha.

As the court wizard of Goettineb, Thumm Quiet served King Boermar until the end of the Heritage War. Once the Incubelli Injunction was in effect and all magical practice was forbidden Thumm became an outlaw. Unwilling to join the Cleric he keeps a low secretive profile. Over the years his exploration has taken him into the furthest reaches of the arts from alchemy and necromancy. As one of the more powerful wizards in existence, he is a trophy the Cleric would like to seize.

As the Grand Champion of the Order of Opiricus, Helmrayner led numerous battles against the Yeolan Jinn and Wohad Kingdoms during the Heritage Wars. Since the death of King Boermar of Heluna and the post-war Incubelli Unification, Rosenthaler has been stripped of his title and command. After 30 years of campaigning, he now lives in relative isolation.

Somewhere between 8 and 11 years of age, Illian is an orphan purchased by William Berry during the sale of an estate in Chinders. He has a wild imagination, and would much rather be running wild than doing the seemingly endless list of chores for Willy B.

After the death of his uncle, King Boermar, and the successive assassination of  most of the royal family, Gailann remains as the last living descendant of the throne. Previously living a careless and indulgent life, he was never meant to carry this responsibility. Unsure of how to navigate his kingdom under the Incubelli Unification, the Cleric is there to firmly guide him. As an apparent puppet king, the contrast between him and his uncle is day and night, and he shown little respect.

The Cleric is the Voice of the High Father on Saitha. Through seizing control of Incubelli he is the prime engineer behind the Incubelli Unification. Presently in charge of the largest remaining armed force in the Kingdoms, the Cleric is the most powerful man in Saitha. Amassing the magicians of Saitha, he seeks to crack The Bell, an ancient Vicari device allowing direct access to the High Father's dimension.

In her 70's now, Andrea has been Thumm Quiet's lover since they attended the magical academy in Aldon Gate. Always loyal to Heluna she has returned to Goettineb to give guidance to King Gailann. She is a devout follower of the Old Gods and is servant of the goddess Konissa.

William Berry is a shopkeeper in Bran. Always looking to avoid any conflict, he hid from the draft during the Heritage War and instead made a modest living helping the many desperate war-widows liquidate their assets. He runs his shop with the help of Illian, a young boy he's accidentally purchased and hasn't yet found a good enough excuse to get rid of. Although not wealthy, heroic, handsome, or even particularly like-able, nothing can stop him from trying to win the hand of the voluptuous Mary Schone.

Alkira is one of nomadic people of the Great Plains. Since a young age she's merited much respect from her tribe as a powerful hunter with remarkable bravery. With her people's numbers dwindling, Alkira's elders look to her as a source of hope and future leadership.

A long-time rival of Thumm, Uridann is a practitioner of magic who has sided with the Cleric of Incubelli in his own twisted pursuit of power.

With the accumulation of dark magical and technological power the WurmDroga, The Children of the Obsidian Sun, are summoned to Saitha.

The Heritage Wars was fought between the four major kingdoms of Saitha (Wohad, Heluna, Yeolan Jinn, and Tsini). It began with  series of swift political assassinations that plunged the kingdoms into a devastating conflict that raged for 30 long years. All sides suffered major losses and each kingdom was devastated by social and economic collapse. It drew to a close with an armistice brokered by the Cleric of Incubelli.

The Unification was a treaty procured by the Cleric of Incubelli bringing an end to the Heritage War. With the kingdoms of Saitha at their knees and undergoing one form of ruination or another, all sides were to be unified with the neutral  city-state of Incubelli becoming the new centralized command.


Blamed for much of the destruction in the past, he Injunction also includes a decree against the use of magic in Saitha. All those with magical talents must report, register and be monitored Incubelli for the safety of the citizenry.

The majestic Helunic Kingdom was seen as the imperial centre of trade, science, art, and academia. Founded by Marlaes the Gold, the kingdom has held its capitol in Goettineb since the Age of Clouds. Historically the people of Heluna have worshiped the five Star Gods, yet under the Unification, the cult of the High Father is growing rapidly. Since the economic collapse incurred during the Heritage War and the loss of its beloved King Boermar, Heluna is a mere shadow of its former glory.

Located between the Rot Belt of the Elven Lands and the Shatterhorn Peaks of Wohad, the Incubelli Battery is an ancient sovereign city-state cut off from much of the world. Incredibly secretive in nature, few who are outside the Circle are ever permitted within it's towering iron walls. Also known as the Horn of the High Father, for the first time in generations the mysterious priests of Incubelli have come forward to participate in the affairs the world.

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